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For tax preparation in Dickinson, North Dakota, you can count on Deb Kerner, EA at Badlands Tax Solutions, Inc. Deb Kerner, EA assists taxpayers and small businesses with taxes in Dickinson, North Dakota and the surrounding communities. Whether you are an individual or a local business in or around Dickinson, North Dakota, Deb Kerner, EA has years of valuable experience. Contact Deb Kerner, EA, tax filing specialist in Dickinson, North Dakota, for help with your taxes.

Don't live in fear!

Do you need to get caught up on back tax returns? Do you need help in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service? Working through income tax problems can be daunting for many. The circumstances of life or business often get folks behind on filing their federal (and state) income tax returns. Sometimes the uncertainties of income taxation laws and forms prompt apprehension about moving forward to resolve a difficult situation. As the income tax deadlines approach for 2015, some people are thinking of catching up on past returns. Are you one of these people?

Now is the time to start taking your fear off of the table! Take the first step by reaching out to Deb K. Kerner, EA. As an Enrolled Agent, Deb can assist with income tax preparation and official IRS representation. For a reasonable cost, she will help you in getting current with income tax filings. Along the way, if needed at any point, Deb can represent you before the Internal Revenue Service and applicable state agencies. For your 2015 income tax paperwork, please be sure to check out the "Tax Prep" Price Match as described below. Make a call or plan a visit to Badlands Tax Solutions, Inc. in Dickinson, North Dakota.

Controlling your journey

Getting beyond your tax fears is a stepping stone. Ultimately, you should be proactively managing the big picture of your financial life. Of course, the timely filing of income tax returns is a significant part of controlling your journey. Beyond this, how are you determining the directions to your destinations? For both individuals and businesses, income tax planning is an important aspect of designing and following a monetary road map. Planning needs to be followed up by reflective implementation. The right amount of expertise and attention are key elements for such an important process. So, it makes sense to seek the guidance of an expert who will be attentive to your personal and professional aims.

As an enrolled agent, Deb can provide income tax consultation for your financial travel planning. She brings a high degree of value to the table through a commitment to knowledge and focus. For those persons who are running businesses, Deb's expertise is uniquely valuable for informed decisions on resources and revenues. Make a call or plan a visit to Badlands Tax Solutions, Inc. in Dickinson, North Dakota to discuss consulting objectives and fees. Control your journey!

Controlling your journey, Part II

Aren't holiday weekends great? You have an extra day to sleep in or get caught up on errands, home projects, etc. Holiday weekends always give us a glimpse of what retirement will feel like. It will be our reward for all of those years of hard work! If you're a baby boomer you're probably thinking about retirement more than ever. As you approach the final chapters of your working years, you'll be faced with two incredibly significant decisions. When should I retire? When should I start taking Social Security?

In terms of Social Security, maybe you didn't think much of it and just figured you'd start drawing at age 62. The decision when to take it is not one-size-fits-all. Many factors need to be considered. Some of the Social Security rules have changed. Do you know what they are? More importantly, do you know if they affect you? Plus, you may have already heard from friends and family that the Social Security office can't even advise you on your choices! The timing of your Social Security retirement benefit is a major decision that will impact your retirement years. Competent retirement planning is an important part of controlling your journey.

Here at Badlands Tax Solutions, Inc., we have the tools necessary to run different Social Security scenarios that are based upon your own personal situation. This educational approach will help to inform your decision on taking Social Security. Folks, this will be your last hurrah! You never plan to fail, but for this matter, you can't fail to plan. Armed with this information, you will have a clear view of when you will start drawing Social Security. More importantly, you will know why based upon your circumstances. Looking back over the years, we often face regrets that are connected to what we should, would, or could have done in life. For your Social Security retirement benefit, plan and prepare so that some day you can say, "I'm so grateful I made the time to do it right for me." Call, email, Facebook message, Tweet, fax or visit Badlands Tax Solutions, Inc. today to schedule your Social Security review. Control your journey!

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